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''YOU RADIO'' Trendy music to your Internet life style!

Tune in to ‘YOU RADIO’ the Internet junkie’s one-stop-shop for rocking international music on cyberspace!

YOU RADIO does bring you the best chart-topping English hits straight to your web space, but also features a wide array of music from around the world!

Add some YOU RADIO vibes to your internet usage every time you surf the internet, socialize on Facebook or search the net. Now anything and everything you do online can be enhanced tenfold with the funky beats and cool tunes of this all new cyber music experience that features exciting program segments such as “Beach Side Radio (Week days) & Weekend Music” Tune in daily and boost your lifestyle!

Get the Radio Delight Experience!

Keep listening to YOU RADIO

Because ‘’It’s for You’’

YOU RADIO is a special collaboration by a dynamic group of young millennial with skills in Internet Technology, Voicing Artistry & Creative Ideator. This highly talented unit of creators combined their talents to introduce a next generation concept in music technology to Internet users around the World.

We have made every effort to ensure that your experience is simple, user-friendly and enticing as possible. The special transmission technologies used in YOU RADIO guarantees the most convenient and best possible musical experience that the internet has to offer today to net users around the world.

YOU RADIO does not generate profit and therefore relies on you, our listener to patronize our service regularly in order to keep us going. We aim to bring you a fulfilling musical experience on cyberspace, and would be grateful for your feedback and thoughts on our service via email or sms.

If you would like to join our team or send us your valuable opinions, contact us now!


Our Vision:

To become an ultimate cyber radio station

Our Mission:

Bringing trendy music surprise to your internet life style, because it’s for you

Our Values:

· Passion

· Team spirit

· Futuristic mind

· Innovation

· Premium Quality

· Think world as a Village

We have inaugurated YOU RADIO without any sponsorships or advertisements so we always welcome sponsors to our YOU RADIO website. To get more details about sponsoring benefits you are free to contact us.

Thank you and please do continue to enjoy the YOU RADIO!

Get the Radio Delight Experience!

Because ‘’It’s for You’’



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