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How can I use design in my business?

How you can use graphic design and packaging design

Graphic design is the process of using words, images, colours and messages to communicate ideas and important business information.

Using graphic design

You can use graphic design for anything from annual reports to large-scale advertising or banners. It can help you to communicate and connect with your customers, and influence how they see your business, product or brand.

Graphic designers can help:

  • create a memorable brand identity for your business or products

  • strengthen your business' position within its industry

  • set you apart from your competitors

  • promote your business and its offerings to different audiences

  • increase sales through better advertising

Common uses of graphic design in business

Graphic designers can help on a range projects, including:

  • websites

  • marketing materials (eg brochures and product sales sheets)

  • business cards

  • flyers

  • annual reports

  • logos

  • signage

Using packaging designThe main function of packaging is to sell the product at its point of purchase. It’s important to think carefully about how your products are packaged. In particular, you should think about:the structural design of your packaging - eg how it can help advertise your product, and make it more recognisable and practical for the stockists, customers, etcthe functional design of your packaging - eg how it can protect your product during delivery to shops, customers and beyondConsider if combining the two would offer your business more value. For example, retail-ready packaging is designed to protect your product during transport to shops, but it can also be easily opened and put onto the shelf - where it becomes part display case, part dispensing aid.Sustainable packagingThe use of 'green' packaging is on the rise, with consumers demanding more environment-friendly solutions. Designers can help you develop sustainable packaging, making it more attractive to potential customers.When deciding on your packaging needs, think about:how far your product has to travel from its source to its point of purchasehow many products can be shipped per pallethow your product's full lifecycle impacts on the environment, from its initial packaging to the point of sale, use by the customer and finally to its disposal

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